Bivocational Associate Pastor Search

Calvary Baptist Church is seeking a bi-vocational Associate Pastor to build a youth program with a focus on teenagers.

Calvary Baptist Church is a rural community of believers in Jesus Christ, situated among farmland with neighboring houses and communities, located 10 minutes north of uptown Marysville. Calvary Baptist Church is a multigenerational congregation with a heart for revitalization and continuing to be a faithful presence where God has placed them.

We exist to lead unbelievers to Christ and believers toward Christ-likeness. The Bible establishes elders as leaders of that mission (Acts 14:23, 20:28, Titus 1:5). They do this by functioning as the leading authority of the church, providing direction to the church so that the members of the church are equipped for the work of ministry, keeping watch over the souls of the church members, teaching sound doctrine, and rebuking those who contradict it, and praying for the church. The Associate Pastor is responsible for faithfully carrying out all of these tasks as part of the plurality of elders.

His role complements that of the Lead Pastor by focusing on leadership and pastoral care, especially among the youth. In the area of leadership, this means partnering with the Lead Pastor on the strategic planning and budgeting process and providing pastoral oversight to various ministries of the church. In the area of pastoral care, this means faithfully teaching the scriptures to the younger generation.


Character – The Associate Pastor must be:

  • Above reproach – His entire lifestyle adorns the gospel by excelling in obedience to all that God commands.
  • Faithful over his household – Lovingly shepherds his family first and Calvary Baptist Church second
  • Humble – Functions as a steward of God’s household, not an owner; happily submits to God’s Word and learns from others
  • Gentle – Slow to anger, quick to forgive, deescalates quarrels, promotes unity, enters into disputes only when there is some evident hope of usefulness
  • Self-controlled – Enjoys the good gifts God has given in moderation, for His glory, and with complete integrity
  • Hospitable – Loves people, opens up his home and life to other members of the church and to neighbors, weeps with those who weep, rejoices with those who rejoice
  • Steadfast – Holds firm to the trustworthy word as taught, says and does the most important things over and over again, boldly proclaims biblical truth with gentleness and respect, even to those who disagree

Competency – The Associate Pastor needs to be able to:

  • Give instruction in sound doctrine
  • Rebuke those who contradict it
  • Think biblically, theologically, and strategically about the future of the church
  • Translate the priorities of the church into a budget and action
  • Apply biblical and theological principles to organizational minutiae
  • Provide direction to ministries in the church to ensure that they fulfill their purpose
  • Diagnose the spiritual health of the church and individuals
  • Prescribe biblical remedies for the church and individuals

Calling – The Associate Pastor must evidence a calling to this role by:

  • Being commended for the pastorate by spouse (if married), Calvary Baptist Church Lead Pastor and Deacons, and members
  • Enthusiastically affirming the Calvary Baptist Church Members Covenant
  • Aligning with the philosophy of ministry articulated by the Lead Pastor


  • Model a godly lifestyle in accordance with the gospel
  • Pray for Calvary Baptist Church regularly
  • Oversee all youth ministry